Alexa Nikolas is a sinister and criminal force. I have personally watched and experienced her outright evil manipulation since seeing it firsthand almost a decade ago and it has only ratcheted up. EVERYONE that has had the misfortune of getting close to her realizes quickly that she will destroy anyone and anything in her path when she is exposed as a fraud or her agenda is threatened. 

For well over a decade, we have stood back in fear as she destroys lives and hurts families, including her own. The irony is that it was her weaponizing “match the source” project that brought a few of her “friends” together to compare experiences and frankly, realize that we were just all a part of her agenda. Well, we might not have the platform or Hollywood support she has manipulated, but we certainly have some truths to share and will continue to keep updating them.

Understand this, while the claims of justice have always been her focus, it’s the fact that nothing but revenge and control are what drives her and drives fear in those around her. Let’s start with some critical and established truths…

Truth: Alexa's attacks and manipulations are financed by the former head of the state Bar Association and highly questionable political player, Joe Dunn. Countless people have shared this, independently, and understand that this alignment is rooted in revenge and ethically challenging dynamics to say the least.

While Joe Dunn and his daughter Sarah Dunn have far greater concerns than Alexa’s plight… What do they have to gain? Is it referral fees from the firm, is it their own agenda, how would the California State Bar or the many concerned detractors of Joe Dunn feel about that… Or do they simply not know the truth about Alexa and the damage she has done?

Truth: Alexa Nikolas has threatened to ‘leak’ and outright manufacture claims of sexual assault against people, exes, and executives since the Nickelodeon days! 

Truth: Friends, colleagues, and exes over the years recall hearing her threaten or being threatened with threats of revenge and and blatant lies if they didn’t do what she wanted them to do or if they reported hearing her threaten others… Years!!! People are genuinely struggling and Alexa weaponized their struggles so she could get her way on the set of a kids’ show… Or because she didn’t get her way in a relationship… Or court…

This is Alexa Nikolas.

Truth: One of her exes very specifically shared with several friends that Alexa viciously threatened him – if he didn’t lie in court and say that their friend admitted to sexually assaulting multiple men and women in college, she made it clear that “he would never work in this town again.” Again, one of many such threats delivered with absolute malice.

Truth: Several ex-boyfriends of Alexa’s have come forward to share that Alexa threatened that either they had to pay Alexa (yes, pay her and support her), or she would start campaign of sexual abuse against them.

More to come on this… Stay tuned.

Truth: Self-proclaimed women’s advocate and creator of Eat Predators – Alexa Nikolas – marries Alleged Sexual Assault Perpetrator!

Michael Grey has quite a predatory history that includes multiple reports that refer to him sexually assaulting 5 (five) victims and the entire situation buried by his lawyers. Pretty horrifying that Alexa would so heavily fight to expose predators when the father of her child is a very real danger it seems.

Do Michael’s parents (Nick Gray) realize they are financing the agenda of someone as dangerous as Alexa… Do they know they are financing a sinister plot along with Joe Dunn? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

Truth: There have been concerns for the safety of Alexa’s child given the fact that she is using her own child as a pawn and subjecting her to dangerous situations for the benefit of her agenda. Alexa has been heard sharing that she will do whatever it takes to get her way.

Truth: After being out of work and determined to be overwhelmingly problematic, Alexa shared with close friends that she would be manufacturing “me too” narratives to get exposure and relevance. She immediately said she was kidding, but given the way things have unfolded...

Her plan is unfolding as planned.

Her protests and even one of the “protestors” shared that she was unhinged and demanded that they manufacture and perpetuate misinformation for the sake of the movement. Those who questioned the merit of claims were also threatened!

Truth: Alexa has attacked Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, and their fans and suggested she would “expose” information she had about Brittany as a parent, the Spears family, and their kids if Jamie Lynn and Brittany didn’t walk back their issues and harmful experience working with and knowing Alexa – and her truth!

This is just a fraction of what has been uncovered - there is more to come on Alexa and all those involved...

UPDATE 07/12/2023

Looks like Alexa's at it again with another "abuse" accusation! This time it's against actor Jonah Hill.

An excerpt from the Deadline article:

Marty Singer, a litigation attorney for Hill, called Nikolas’ accusations “a complete fabrication” adding that “it never happened.

Singer went on to call Nikolas a “demonstrably unreliable” source and “a serial accuser who has made assorted accusations against multiple men in the entertainment industry.”

Read the full article.

I originally built this site to protect all those being falsely accused by Alexa and her past deception and agenda; however, her own people have reached out and shared that NOTHING has changed and she is still weaponizing true victims as part of her own revenge agenda. It’s insane that she is not in prison and her child is being used as a pawn. As she knows, the truth is all coming out and people from her current ‘team’ are revealing it all. This is getting good.

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